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We’re not just repairing roofs, we’re repairing the roofing industry.

Wind and Hail Roof Repair Experts...

When Mother Nature Strikes,
We Strike Back! 

Hammer Roof RightWhen the roof is damaged, the whole structure is vulnerable.

Fast isn’t fast enough...And “good enough” simply isn’t good enough in this business. You’ve got to have the best. Just any old roofer won’t do. You need the experts who are the only catastrophic roofing repair specialists in the industry.

That’s the First Choice Repair Catastrophe
Roofing Solution.

Our network of certified local, regional and national roofing contractors and start-to-finish job management ensure that homeowners get wind or hail related roof, siding and gutter damage repaired with the highest standards in the industry and the strongest warranty in the business.  We have mastered the logistics and management processes required to quickly mobilize network roofing contractors from around the country to provide a managed repair solution during hail and wind storms.

It’s a tremendously difficult task — one of the industry’s most significant issues — that no other company has accomplished. After years of fine-tuning our model, we are now providing credible, quality roofing companies to any area to repair homes accurately and quickly.

We are committed to providing a fast and simple claims and restoration process that our customers can rely on. We have built the system to deliver it.



“They were efficient, precise. They didn't cut any corners, Johnny-on-the-spot. The best I have ever seen. They did a beautiful job.”

— Charles B., Lawrenceville, GA



Hardhad -leftFrom an everyday leaky pipe or catastrophic roof repair to everything in between, you can cast all of your worries on First Choice Repair.

Only First Choice Repair’s Olympian attitude, ICARE Concierge Culture, and the industry’s strongest Iron Clad Warranty™ assures everyone benefits.  That’s why we’re managed repair in overdrive.

Choices have consequences. Make yours great.

Call us today at (800) 587-4243.